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Mr. John Lowe

Mr. John Lowe

Message from the Principal

Welcome Back!

What a great pleasure it is to return to Landers Elementary School as a Principal beginning this 2014-2015 school year. Having been a teacher and administrator for a sum total of 20 years (13 of which are in the Morongo Unified School District), I can honestly say that this site, in the short time I have been working here, has already grown on me. I get the grand sense of family, seeing how well the staff works together here at the site to prepare the students for a great, successful school year. I look forward to working with the parents and students here in Landers to support great learning, but more important, creating learning experiences that will be remembered by the students in the future that they can apply to their daily lives.


If there are ever any concerns; issues involving students, confusion regarding policy, or if you just want to come and compliment a staff member on a job well done, I sure hope you stop by and discuss it with me. I love to help solve problems, and can use your advice to support a stronger campus as well. Should you need to contact me, come on in, write an email, or make a phone call. I am here to work with you.


John Lowe